Buying Mailing List Database? Don't Put Yourself At Risk! Build a Targeted List with Us Now.

Are you looking for cost effective methods for contacting new sales leads? We develop targeted leads based on your requirements - industry, geographic location, job title, etc... With our database solution, you can reach a new collection of sales leads and begin your direct marketing campaign almost immediately. This new lists provide an audience of thousands of new prospects, and allow you to develop a long term relationship with them.

However, a lead may include personal information (such as names, email addresses and phone numbers). Your company is responsible to ensure that leads are collected using appropriate methods and that all data collected is used and stored in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. So, are you using these contact details, personal information and business leads responsibly and lawfully?

At Wave Evolution, we stay within the law when collecting leads and obtain the relevant consents. We use only the safest and highest quality leads for your direct marketing campaigns. This means higher response rates and highly targeted traffic to your product, service, or opportunity and more importantly comply with the Personal Data Protection Act.

See below is the basic flowchart of our lead generation process that is compliant with Personal Data Protection laws:

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